G Fest Around the Web – April


The count down to G Fest gets another month closer! Need a quick catch-up with what’s been going on with G Fest and our friends joining us in a few months? We’ve got you covered:

We may have lost Merle, but G Fest will be celebration of his music! Merle’s impact and influence runs deep. Check out our recap of G Fest entertainers commenting on social media.

We lost another music legend later in the month, and again G Fest entertainers paid their respects:

Can’t make all of G Fest? Single day tickets go on sale! Tickets start at $44, buy yours today.

The Avett Brothers’ new album, “True Sadness,” is now available for pre-order. Everyone who pre-orders will receive an instant download of “Ain’t No Man.” “I think of ‘Ain’t No Man’ as a self-motivating anthem, a kind of currency to buy a little courage when you’re having trouble feeling courageous on your own.” – Seth Avett

Congrats to our Turnpike Troubadours Bundle giveaway! Bobby in Tahlequah was our winner of a Turnpike Troubadour package – CDs, shirts, Party Pit Passes and Meet & Greets! We’ll have more giveaways coming up.

G Fest prep continues!

G Fest Experience adds more! From inflatables to helicopter and train rides, there will be plenty to do in addition to the 85 bands taking the 4 stages at G Fest 2016!

Until next month, keep up with the latest on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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