Job Descriptions

We have G Team jobs dedicated to a variety of positions. Be sure to read through each description before filling out your G Team application.

Volunteer Check In

Checking in Volunteers as they report for their shifts. Making sure volunteer has bracelet, T Shirt, signed release form, understands their job responsibilities and knows where to report to work. Volunteer Check In staff should be friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.

Stand By

Acts as a fill in for Team Volunteer wherever additional help and support is needed. Excellent opportunity for those who are willing to take on anything and are looking for variety in the work that they do each day. Will be required to remain at volunteer Check In if not called to work a site and assist Volunteer Check In by taking volunteers to their work area, etc.

Box Office Staff

Sells tickets and must be proficient with 10 key, data entry. Volunteers will work with money and process credit card transactions. Box office staff will be required to balance till at the end of shift. Volunteers will assist with various credentials and manage will call ticketing. A calm nerve and a good attitude will go a long way for anyone interested in this high volume customer service position.


Volunteer will scan and wristband patrons at Volunteer Gate, Artist Vendor Gate, North Re-entry Gate and Main Gate. Volunteers will be scheduled in teams of two. One team member will scan paper print at home ticket and second team member will wristband festival attendee with appropriate wristband based on ticket purchased. Volunteer will have to turn in unused wristbands to box office at end of shift. A good attitude will help set the tone for a fun festival experience for all festival attendees.


Volunteer will check festival attendee’s wristbands to ensure bracelet presented is appropriate for each day’s venue. If a patrons are identified that don’t have a wristband, monitor should contact GT Security , Team leader or Staff member. Customer service skills and a smile help to ensure festival attendees are having fun.

Perimeter Monitor

Provides various wristband checks and security in areas presenting minor security risks. Volunteer will patrol perimeter of festival grounds to make sure there is no trespassing without wristband, volunteer assists with traffic control, etc. Requires standing for periods of time and/or golf cart. This job may be in full sun.

Traffic Control

Directing traffic as festival goers enter from Hatbox Road into the festival grounds


Volunteer will keep hospitality tents, stages, Volunteer check In, G Fest Office stocked with supplies and assist staff with a variety of tasks, including fueling golf carts.

Campground Crew

Volunteer will monitor campground and assist where needed and guides festival attendees to their camping location.

Transportation/People Mover

You must be a responsible driver with a friendly, helpful attitude. You will be transporting Volunteers and Band Members to their assigned posts.

G Team Hospitality

Helps run the hospitality operations for multiple catering locations provided for artists, production, staff and volunteers. Welcoming artists, production and staff to designated catering areas. Volunteer will make sure their assigned area is secure and used by authorized persons only. Volunteer will keep area stocked and clean and provide customer service for various clients, artists and staff that have access to these areas, including but not limited to:

  • Main Stage Catering Tent- Admission only with food ticket for Main Stage Artist,
  • Production, Staff
  • OK Pop in the Hanger
  • Red Dirt Relief Campground tent
  • Real Okie Tent

Production/Talent Transportation

These volunteers will work with the Production Manager backstage to transport talent to and from the airport and act as hosts to the talent, running errands and chauffeuring talent. Must have valid driver’s license and a pleasant and helpful disposition that is willing to cater to a variety of big personalities!

Merchandise Tent

Selling merchandise. Volunteer will sell merchandise accepting credit cards and cash. Good customer relations with retail experience is a plus. Proficiency making change and using square to record transactions is necessary. Retail experience is a plus!

Beverage Ticket Sales

Volunteer will sell tickets to be used for purchasing alcoholic beverages. Volunteer will be checking IDs! Volunteer will be handling cash, making change and be responsible for tickets.

Beer Garden/ Beer Stand

Service Club members will sell beer in exchange for tickets. Tickets will be collected and confirmed to beer inventory counts. Mandatory training will be required for all volunteers who sell alcoholic beverages. No drinking while volunteers are working shift. Kilharen’s is the exclusive food and beverage vendor and all volunteers will have to check in and check out in order to receive credit for their organization.

Rules for Beer Volunteers G Fest 2017

  • There will be no giving away free beer!
  • If you are on duty there will be no drinking! If a volunteer is caught drinking during their shift
  • they will be asked to leave and the organization will not receive any monies.
  • Check in with Susannah upon arrival at the KH Pit BBQ trailer. Be sure to sign in and out so that you are credited for your hours.
  • All beer customers must have a wrist band! If they do not, send them to an ID tent for a wristband before service. If a person appears to be underage but has a band, feel free to ask for ID again. If you are uncomfortable with a sale it is always best to decline.
  • A person can only carry 2 opened alcoholic beverages. If they have an open drink in their hand, they can only be sold 1 beer. They can however purchase 6 in a bag unopened.
  • Beers will be sold in 1 can, 2 cans or 6 in ice only. There is no exception to this rule.
  • Any person who appears overly intoxicated (i.e. stumbling or slurring) should not be served! We and the police that are patrolling will always back your decision.
  • Service organizations will be audited each night for the amount of beers sold versus the number of tickets redeemed. Any shortage in these numbers will come off the charitable organizations donation amount.
  • If there are any damaged cans, please put them in the designated waste container so that they can be counted into your inventory.
  • Volunteers will be given a G Fest volunteer shirt to wear and should wear comfortable shoes.